Boateng says he was always convinced that Ronaldo was the world’s best footballer, until he trained with Messi. "The six months at Barcelona were incredible," he told DAZN , per Goal . "At first, I didn't believe it. I thought it was Espanyol who wanted me, not the real Barcelona! "Training with Messi left me speechless. I had always said that Cristiano Ronaldo was the best in the world, but Messi is something else. He's not normal. "While training with him, I felt inadequate for the first time in my career. He was doing incredible things. I felt like saying, 'I'm done, I'm going to quit playing!'" Messi was so brilliant that his talent made Boateng want to hang up his boots. That’s superb.


If training in an area such as construction is needed, the college has the ability to develop a program, she said. “There’s not a business that’s left out because it’s manufacturing, but we look to address it in a different way with different resources,” she said. The cost for training is often included in incentive packages offered by SAGA, Roberton said. Roberton and Swindell said Sanford and Lee County residents can compete for higher-paying jobs and, in doing so, improve their communities. “Some of the trends I’m seeing is that businesses are starting to look at the quality of work life and the quality of life away from work for employees,” Swindell said. That includes educational and recreational facilities for children. “We’re a development engine,” Roberton said. “If we’re more.. in the conversation and part of the attraction to draw a company here, that puts tax dollars into the community and provides good jobs.” The key factor, Roberton said, is Central Carolina Community College working with SAGA. “It comes down to partnerships,” she said. “We’re fortunate to have a solid relationship with SAGA and to be able to help.