State warns New Mexicans about deceptive health insurance ads ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As the deadline for signing up for health insurance quickly approaches, state officials want to make people aware of deceptive ads to be on the lookout for. Open enrollment for health insurance is already well underway. That means if someone is not looking to get insured with an employer, they must sign up through Marketplace by Dec. 15. The deadline for signing up for Medicare is even sooner on Dec. 7. “So during this time of year when people are thinking about, ‘What am I gonna do about my health insurance?’ There are advertisers who step up their advertising on the television, on the radio, on social media. They may send you text messages when you're just browsing the internet,” said Julie Weinberg, with the State Office of the Superintendent of Insurance.  Weinberg said those are the ads to watch out for. The office of the Superintendent of Insurance says people should sign up and shop around for health insurance through BeWellNM.com or Healthcare.gov because the plans there have the protections under the Affordable Care Act.  People who search something like, “I need health insurance,” into a search engine might see results for health care insurance they're not necessarily looking for.  “They're what they're called ‘lead generators’ usually and what they're doing is trying to get you to click on to their site so that they can then refer you over to another site—and that may be a major provider, a major insurer—but it also may be a company that's trying to sell you what we call a ‘limited benefit plan’ that doesn't really cover your health care needs, a person's health care needs, so that's why we have to be really careful when you get these kinds of advertisements.

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45 Broad Street Supertall Remains On Hold in Financial District 45 Broad Street,. Rendering by CetraRuddy By: Michael Young 8:00 am on November 27, 2020 Next up in our Turkey Week tour of stalled projects is 45 Broad Street , a 1,115-foot-tall residential skyscraper planned to become the tallest such structure in the Financial District . Designed by  CetraRuddy  and developed by  Madison Equities and Gemdale Properties, the slender tower is most notable for its Art Deco-style appointments and sloped ornamental crown. Pizzarotti was formerly involved in the development of the project. It was announced earlier this year that 45 Broad Street will also have a slight height reduction of 80 feet to meet Federal Aviation Administration guidelines, according to the city’s Department of Buildings. All previous construction equipment that was once on site has been removed. The only notable remnant of work that is still present is a row of steel rebar as part of the pilings lining the southern perimeter on the narrow plot. They remain inserted and running parallel with multiple pieces of insulation boards lined up against the blank abutting wall, and mostly buried beneath dirt that hasn’t been excavated. The site sits behind a green construction fence and metal gate along Broad Street, where web site the sidewalk has been cleared of construction barriers and opened to pedestrians again.